Thursday, June 27, 2013

It Certainly Is

Gleeful Thursday Morning Folks:

First of all, I'd love to acknowledge the gift of life that Jesus Christ has given you, us and the rest of society, then I'd to share with all of you a well deserved and warm good Morning too ... Pass the coffee please?

Followed by, posting this with a huge smile on my face and joy in my heart that runs quicker than the Road Runner on TV. I say and declare all of the above good wishes on this day; because my GEM & I are constantly sharing these words with our 4 loving son's and now it's your turn; here we go ...

Did you know that if you plant a seed of friendship; then eventually you'll reap a bouquet of happiness.

Serving up a Jesus Joy kind of breasfast ... Hallelujah,


Thank you for dropping by ... We hope and PRAY that we see you again Dear Friend ... #AMEN,