Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Importance Of Listening

I'm constantly testifying to the youth about the importance of listening their parent's advice. As my GEM & I passed the day praying and looking over all our photos the Lord reminded us of a prophecy that Sis. Lucy Almodovar (my mother's best friend) gave in regard to my Dominican Danish ...  ‪#Glory‬,
It was the 1st. time she (Sis. Lucy) had ever seen my Honey Bun and what she said was so intense that it stuck in my heart as a conformation of God love and grace. She looked into my Love Boat's eye and all that she could pronounce is this ~ "His eyes belong to Nancy" and his heart is closer than what you think. My mother smiled, laughed and said "I receive that" because the Lord spoke to her and my father a few days earlier and no one knew about the conversation; but God and my parents ...  ‪#Alleluia‬,

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