Monday, December 29, 2014

Marital Dilemmas

As I surf the internet, seeking mindful articles to read, all I find are posts regarding domestic violence,  infidelity and divorce. It's a shame how so many couples who once professed  the term "Till Death Do You Part", can't address each other in a civil tone in pubic or behind close. Now, if the couple has  kids (the bundle of joys)  have to wittiness their parent's stressful behavior. Perhaps, it's because they need of dose of this ...
Proverbs 18:22 (GW) - Whoever finds a wife finds something good and has obtained favor from the Lord.
The above bible verse goes for men too ...
Oh well, all I can do as a Pastor is pray for all those couples that are having marital dilemmas and continue to thank the Lord for my supportive GEM (hubby) and our 4 fun-loving sons. Because they know how much I love to pick up a book, snuggle up in my favorite nook and read till I'm almost finished with the book ... ‪#Hehehe‬,
Oh yes, my Dominican Danish (husband) prepared a tasty cup of coffee for me, so that it can accompany every turning of the pages, while our 4 Diamond sons do the rest of the laundry ... ‪#ThankYouJesus‬,

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