Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hobbies are activities that bring pleasure to those who partake of them. It also helps people pass the time, release stress and just forget about their daily mess ... Now in my case, I definitely know that GOD has instilled in me this hobby of writing. I can't eat or go to bed until I've written what the Lord has spoken into my heart.  Furthermore, I can testify to all of you more than a  thousand times about how much I've felt the weight of this Ministry on my shoulders for more than 20 years in a touching, funny and Blissful way ... 

 When Jesus Christ inspires me to write, I can't do anything else but type ... I'm constantly thanking our Heavenly Father for joining me in wedlock with a GEM of a man that understands my gift ... The Holy Ghost has informed me numerous times that it's a source of healing for those far and near, in pain or need and finally for me too ... That's why I must obey what that BIG Man in the Sky has birthed into me; because through my writing I've discovered new methods of comforting those men, women and youths I don't know. Finally we all have some type of hobby that can be used for God's Glory ... Thus, don't sit around looking all down and depressed. Just start PRAYING  and he'll take care of the rest.  That's why the word of the Lord supports what I say with this Bible verse ...

Luke 6:31 ~ And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.


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